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Marshall Helps

"Helping, Church-related Resources for Marshall-Harrison County"

 Welcome to Marshall, Texas!

The purpose of this site is to

provide information of many

of the church-related helping

resources in the Marshall,

Harrison County area. Phone

numbers, contact persons,

purpose statements, web links, dates, times, highlights and more will make it user-friendly.

It is designed for the

community, churches, pastors

and individuals who want to help or who need help.

Also, it is hoped that by

compiling these helping

ministries, in an updated way, it will enable and resource our

churches' community outreach, local mission projects, or volunteers. We hope this site is helpful and can save you time as

we serve God together.

God Bless,

Help us update and correct information by replying to

[email protected]

New To Town?...Need to Network?...Need Help?


On Saturday, September 22nd, from 8am to 2pm @ 4190 Pinecrest/Marshall there is a Free Open Clothing Event. There will be free clothing for all ages, all sizes, shoes, school uniforms, professional and casual attire.

Cypress Valley Bible Church

4190 Pinecrest, Marshall

Exit 614 off of I-20, one mile north on the right side.

Signs will be posted on church property detailing where the event is held.

Mission Marshall Food Pantry - Volunteers Needed

Heart Dream Fellowship

is now at 1315 Calloway Street

Our church is now located and have purchased the property at

1315 Calloway St. Marshall (previously Robert E Lee Elementary 

Also, We would like to add our New Childcare Center to our info.

Heart Dream Early Childhood Christian Academy

located at 1315 Calloway St.  

Thank you

Pastor Emmett Gagnard



Alternative Seminary - New Mt. Moriah Baptist Church, Thursdays, 6 pm